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Nina Lucas is the eccentric, former Goth niece of café owner Roy Cropper. She was taken in by her uncle after her father's death in 2019.


In November 2019, Roy began playing online Scrabble with Richard Lucas - who he had discovered was his half-brother following his mother's affair with Raymond Parrott - and became concerned when Richard hadn't been online for several days. Having been persuaded by his friend Carla Connor to track Richard down, the pair were turned away by Nina - who pretended that she didn't know who Richard was. Later, she lied to her father about who had been at the door and made an excuse as to why he couldn't use his laptop any more.

In May 2021, Nina and her new boyfriend Seb Franklin were attacked by Corey Brent and his gang. The couple were severely beaten and hospitalised, with Roy by Nina's bedside. Nina eventually came round, but shortly afterwards Seb died. Nina was devastated and blamed herself, with Seb's mother Abi also pointing the finger at her. However, after a visit from Roy, Abi softened and invited Nina to Seb's funeral.

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Background information

Character creation and role

2008: Publicity shot of Mollie Gallagher as Nina Lucas

Nina first appeared in Episode 9923 in November 2019. Mollie Gallagher's casting was only announced a week prior to the episodes airing on 5th November 2019, with Gallagher commenting "Nina is a really interesting character, she is a bit of an outsider and although she is reluctant to let Roy into her life she soon realises they have more in common than she first thought."

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