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Nigel Kipling was a drama teacher at Weatherfield High.

In April 2018, Mary Cole enlisted the assistance of Nigel and another member of the Weatherfield Dramatic Society - Selina James - to portray her son Jude Appleton's bullying co-workers Seth Smithson and Philippa McMoss in order to fool his wife Angie into believing that he was still working at the Weatherfield Marine Life Centre. Jude lost his job on the day that the actors were supposed to be attending a meal at 3 Coronation Street and therefore he saw no point in going ahead with the charade, however Mary urged him to do so. During their meal, Brian Packham also arrived at No.3 and recognised the actors from their stage work - leaving them to make out that they were marine biologists as well as actors. The plan backfired when Angie warmed to the pair, and Jude was forced to admit that he wasn't a marine biologist after all.

In September 2019, Nigel was organising a performance of Bugsy Malone at Weatherfield High. Both Amy Barlow and Asha Alahan attended the auditions in the hope of getting the role of Tallulah, but when they were handed skimpy costumes to wear, Asha was left fearing that her skin bleaching secret would be exposed due to the costume not covering her arms, and she ran out of the auditions.

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