Nigel Chadwick was a young lad who delivered newspapers for The Kabin in the early 1990s.

Bob Chadwick forced his son to give up his round in November 1990 after Percy Sugden started to question him about a recent break-in at 4 Coronation Street, which Nigel took to mean that he was being suspected of having a hand in the burglary. Mrs Chadwick called into The Kabin the next day to collect four days' pay he was owed from proprietor Rita Fairclough - who knew nothing about the incident, thinking it strange that Nigel hadn't turned up as normal for his round.

Nigel had resumed his round by April 1992 however, at a time when newspapers were being mixed up and customer complaints were rising. With Derek and Mavis Wilton left running The Kabin while Rita and Ted Sullivan were away property-hunting in Florida, Derek told Nigel in no uncertain terms that while he was in charge he expected a higher degree of efficiency; he also accused Mavis of being too familiar and kowtowing to some of the deliverers.

A couple of days later, another customer on Nigel's round - Mrs Stanton - called at The Kabin to inform the Wiltons that her newspaper had also gone undelivered that morning. Holding a trio of deliverers behind after their afternoon rounds, Derek accused them of mismanaging the papers and told Nigel that he would be fined £1.75, which would be deducted from his wages at the end of the week. Once again Nigel quit his round with immediate effect and by the next morning, had rallied all of the other deliverers who stood on strike outside The Kabin. Angered, Derek sacked them all, but after a few days of him and Mavis having to deliver all of the papers themselves, a defeated and exhausted Derek withdrew his threat of mismanagement fines and the deliverers were all reinstated.

Their paths crossed again in October that year in the corridors of Weatherfield Comprehensive, where Derek had recently taken up the position of Assistant Caretaker and Nigel was still a pupil. Mistaking Nigel's "apology" over the striking incident as words of sincerity, he eventually realised that the lad was still trouble when he coerced a younger pupil, Mandy Johnson, into addressing Derek "Mr Carpet Head".

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