Nick West contributed two long-running scripting duties to Coronation Street: he was a story associate (a role later renamed as "storyliner") for seven stints and 409 episodes between July 1998 and September 2000, immediately after which he was the programme's story editor for a further 509 episodes until December 2002.

He graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Hispanic studies and was also a storyliner on Emmerdale and a writer for Casualty, Hollyoaks and Bear Behaving Badly.

Episodes storylined by Nick WestEdit

1998 (71 episodes)

1999 (194 episodes)

2000 (144 episodes)

Episodes story edited by Nick WestEdit

2000 (63 episodes)

2001 (224 episodes)

  • All episodes in this year

2002 (222 episodes)

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