Nick Norbury was a colleague and friend of Martin Platt's in his job as a porter at Weatherfield General.

Nick was on duty when Gail Tilsley was brought in after a fall in Jim's Cafe whilst pregnant with David. When Gail was wheeled past Martin and Nick on her way to the maternity ward, Nick told a hesitant Martin to go after her. Later, when Gail was recovering after both she and the baby were cleared by the doctor, Nick had Martin's back when he left his post to go home and arrange for Audrey and Alf Roberts to mind Nicky and Sarah Louise, joking that he'd manage better without him. Upon returning to work, Martin headed straight for Gail's bedside, despite orders from the ward sister to let her rest. Also flouting the sister's rules, Nick interrupted the couple to make a gentle dig at Martin for skiving.

Two years later, when Martin left his job to begin training as a nurse, he went for celebratory drinks with friends from the hospital. Nick drove Martin to and from work so that he could drink, and in exchange Martin invited him along to Des Barnes's 27th birthday party at 6 Coronation Street later that evening. Martin ended up doubly indebted to Nick as when his and Gail's baby-sitter Pauline Lofthouse cancelled on them, Nick unhappily volunteered, ending up spending the evening cleaning up after David.

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