Nick Clayton was the son of Jimmy Clayton.

In October 2005, Nick and Jimmy were approached by Steve McDonald. After Jimmy had a run-in with his wife Ronnie Clayton, her boyfriend Steve attempted to reason with Jimmy and told him that she wouldn't be coming home.

Jimmy initially agreed with Steve, much to the surprise of Nick who asked if his dad had gone soft. However, Jimmy reverted to type after Steve left and told his son that once he had finished with Steve, he'd wish he'd never been born.

When Street Cars driver Claire Peacock picked up her stepson Joshua from a birthday party, Nick jumped into her cab to intimidate her. Nick told her that she was out of her depth competing against Connect Cabs and that if she didn't give up her job, her or someone from her family may end up getting hurt. Nick later followed Claire back to 4 Coronation Street and warned her that he now knew where she lived and could return at any point. He was then confronted by her husband Ashley who punched him and sent him on his way.

In November 2005, Nick helped his dad to attack Ronnie at Wildclough Farm despite reservations from his girlfriend Julie who feared that he would be sent to prison.

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