Neville Hawthorne was the son of Angela Hawthorne and the stepson of both Derek Wilton and Norris Cole.

Neville was first seen working alongside his stepfather Derek at the family firm Hawthornes. In 1986, Derek became threatened that Neville was going to become his boss. However, Derek later spoke to the MD at the business and got them to keep Neville as his junior.

When Derek went out for a meal with Mavis Riley, Neville arrived and Derek was forced to introduce Mavis as a client of Hawthornes in order to cover up the date.

Neville was next seen in 2005 when Norris decided to go for a job interview at a dynamic new company and was shocked that the manager was his ex-stepson. Neville berated Norris for his failures as a stepfather including being three hours late for Christmas dinner and buying him socks instead of a Scalextric set. Neville then teased Norris by offering him the chance to join the business as a tea boy.

Neville returned in 2007 to invite Norris to Angela's funeral.

Neville was the first of several roles played in the programme by Mark Chatterton. He would go on to play Gordon Blinkhorn intermittently from 1992 to 1993 and Gerry Burton in 2003 before returning to the role of Neville in 2005 and 2007. He subsequently played Barry Morgan in 2019.

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