Neville Buswell (20th January 1943 - 25th December 2019) was a British actor best known for playing Jack-the-Lad Ray Langton on Coronation Street. The character of Ray first appeared on the programme in 1966, and was made a permanent fixture in 1968 when he soon became one of the most popular characters on the Street. Neville stayed on the show until 1978, upon when he suddenly quit acting and moved to Las Vegas, USA, and became a bank teller at numerous casinos.

The character of Ray Langton as played by Buswell was also intended to be one of the stars of a proposed comedy Spin-off from Coronation Street entitled Rest Assured which got as far as the recording of a pilot programme in 1972 which, to date, has not been transmitted.

Neville briefly returned to acting when he reprised the role of Ray for a cameo appearance in the spin-off video Viva Las Vegas! in 1997, almost twenty years after he had last played the part. Shortly after he moved back to the United Kingdom, Neville appeared on Coronation Street itself for one last, short stint as Ray in 2005, which saw the character die from cancer.

Twenty-eight years earlier in 1967, shortly after his initial appearances on Coronation Street, he had also appeared in the third episode of the Leonard Swindley spin-off Turn out the Lights.

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