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The Neonatal Nurse worked at Weatherfield General and looked after baby Bertie Osbourne after he was born prematurely by caesarean in January 2019.

The day after, the alarms on his incubator started to blare and the nurse and a doctor rushed to assist. Father Daniel Osbourne was stood nearby in an alarmed panic and the nurse empathised with him but asked him firmly to leave the room as they needed to conduct an urgent examination. X-ray and blood samples were taken which indicated necrotising enterocolitis due to an underdeveloped bowel and as a precaution the baby was put on intravenous food and antibiotics as well as being fed intravenously directly into the bloodstream.

Mother Sinead Tinker was allowed to visit the baby when her stitches had healed sufficiently and, after using a cleanser on her hands, touched her son for the first time as he lay in the incubator. A sudden alarm went off, panicking her but the nurse explained that the equipment had a very sensitive ECG lead and agreed with Daniel that her touching him did more good than any of the wires and tubes.

The baby slowly grew in size and strength as the weeks passed with the parents being at the hospital as often as they could, despite their busy lives. Daniel chose to write one of his university essays in the hospital while with his son. Sinead wanted him to go back home and complete the work in the quiet there, telling the nurse of the pressures that they were under. She advised them to accept the offered help of any family and friends as they were genuine in their wish to be of use.

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