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Neil Crossley arrived in Weatherfield in July 1963 to become manager at the Gamma Garments. Neil was tracked down by Pat Lynch who demanded that he gave her the money he owed her. Neil failed to complete his work and often put Doreen Lostock and Emily Nugent in charge. Soon they found out that Neil had been stealing from the cash register. Neil began to date Sheila Birtles in secret. Sheila kept it a secret from her other boyfriend Jerry Booth. When Elsie Tanner found out she told Sheila to drop Neil. In August, Jerry caught Sheila with Neil, a fight soon broke out between the two which led to Neil being knocked out. When he woke up he swore vengence on Jerry. After the fight Sheila dumped Jerry. Later that month Neil stood Sheila up on a date, making her cry. Neil promised a second outing but before going out, Sheila caught him trying to run off and the two then had an argument leading to Neil slapping her in the middle of the shop. Emily decided to phone Mr Papagopolous to ask for his removal. Mr Papagopolous made Emily the manageress of Gamma and told her to fire Neil. After being fired Neil decided to leave Weatherfield.

In November 1966, Elsie discovered Neil working as the manager at the local supermarket and told Sheila to stay away from him but Sheila decided to get see him anyway. The two started to date again, meaning that Sheila had to dump Jerry Booth again. Neil was told by Sheila that he had a son named Danny who she'd put up for adoption. Neil asked Sheila if she wanted to marry him and the pair left Weatherfield together to get married, leaving Jerry heartbroken over Sheila again. The Crossleys settled in Sheffield.

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