Neil Clifton was a member of an abusive sex ring along with his friend, Nathan Curtis.

In March 2017, Neil (whom had previous knowledge that Nathan was grooming young women to be used for sex) took a shining to Bethany Platt, Nathan's new "project". Wanting Bethany to himself, Neil paid good money and became impatient after Nathan kept delaying the date in which Neil could be with Bethany.

Nathan knew that he had to be careful, as to not attract any attention to his schemes, and so pretended that Neil had a part to play in the business at Supreme Tanning, and that it was his money that paid for all of Bethany's vlogging equipment.

Nathan warned Bethany that she should be kind and polite to him, especially after a number of electronic goods supposedly belonging to Neil were stolen from the flat (unbeknown to Bethany they were stolen by Mike a friend of Nathan's in a ruse to set her and Neil up).

Suggesting that Bethany make up the loss to Neil by going to dinner with him, Nathan later watched on and did nothing as things escalated later on in the night and Neil took Bethany away from Nathan's party to silently rape her in the bedroom.

He eventually stood trial for his crimes along with Nathan and other associates, and Bethany testified. He along with his friends were found guilty and sent to prison in October 2017.

In April 2018, Neil appealed for a retrial. In June, he was visited by his daughter Kayla, who was determined to prove his innocence by getting close to his former work colleague Craig and his victim Bethany and trying to find evidence against their lies. In July, Neil's appeal was denied meaning that he would remain in prison for the foreseeable future. On the day of the news, he was badly beaten up by inmates, and ended up in Weatherfield General. Kayla later realised that he was guilty after all. She went to confront him in hospital, and demanded that he admitted what he had done. When he refused, she became so furious that she almost hit him (only to be held back by one of the prison officers in the room), and disowned him, declaring that he wasn't her dad.

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