Neil Beckett was the husband of Andrea Beckett. Whilst he was away for three months in Nigeria working as an engineer, Andrea began a relationship with Lloyd Mullaney. In June 2014 he returned and showered her with presents, blissfully unaware of the fact that she was having an affair.

In July, he postponed his return to Nigeria in order to spend more time with Andrea, and suggested that they went and visited daughter Jessica in Liverpool, Andrea refused. Neil began stalking Andrea and Lloyd, in the hope of trying to win Andrea back. However in September 2014, on the day of the couple's 20th wedding anniversary, Neil overstepped the line to the point where Andrea angrily demanded a divorce.

Despite this, Neil continued to stalk Andrea and Lloyd, however the couple attempted to get their own back by playing nice and acting pally with Neil, instead of acting agitated in front of him. However Neil saw through their ploy and assured them he would split them up. The next day, Neil overheard Lloyd discussing wedding plans with Michelle Connor in the Rovers, and wrongfully thought he was marrying Andrea. Stealing Tim Metcalfe's ladders, Neil climbed up onto the roof of the pub in protest. Attempting to retrieve Neil, Andrea ended up dangling from the guttering when the ladders had fallen and broken. Neil helped her up and feeling sorry and distraught at risking her life, he apologised for his actions. The emergency services arrived and Neil was taken away in a police car.

Neil was let off with a caution. Turning up at Street Cars, he announced that he was putting the house up for rent and leaving the country. He apologised to Andrea for his behaviour, and left with a gleeful Lloyd who offered to give him a free ride to the airport.

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