Ned Narkin was a resident of Mawdsley Street.

While Jack Walker was away fighting in the war, his wife Annie was forced to take Ned on as the Rovers Return's cellarman. Ned had been the perfect choice as he was too old to fight abroad and too shifty to be in the Home Guard, but Annie was wary of him taking liberties - suspecting him of stealing bottles of ale.

When Ned’s house was blown up in a gas explosion, Annie agreed that he could move into the Rovers on the understanding that he kept to himself and didn’t eat her rations.

One night in August 1944, Annie was attacked by an intruder who held a knife to her throat demanding the takings from the till and any valuables. Ned was woken by Annie’s screams and crept downstairs to ambush the man. Annie was able to escape and alerted the ARP warden Albert Tatlock. By the time they returned the man was gone and Ned was nursing a stab wound to his arm, Annie was ashamed that she had judged Ned.

Following this incident, Ned left the street to live with his daughter.

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