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Ned Buck and his family inhabited 9 Coronation Street from 1910 to 1926.

Ned, wife Sarah, and children Larry, Joe and Alice, lived in a one-room tenement in Inkerman Street before moving to Coronation Street. All of them worked at Hardcastle's Mill but Ned was also an embalmer and cheap coffin maker, and Sarah a midwife who carried out abortions and so they were a great asset to their neighbours. Ned was also the Rovers Return's best customer and biggest drinker.

Both Buck sons survived the war but the women did not fare so well; in 1915 Ned threw Alice out of the house with her bastard child Ben, and Sarah died from alcohol poisoning in 1919. Joe and Larry both married and started families of their own; Larry and wife Avis took over No.9's master bedroom while Joe and his wife Kelly and their son Jim spent a short time at No.9 before moving out.

Perhaps fittingly, it was the Rovers where Ned met his end: while arguing with Larry over who won the 1921 Derby, Ned was knocked across a table and smashed his head on the floor. He died instantly.

Ned first appeared in Daran Little and Bill Hill's "Weatherfield Life", published in 1992. Other information is derived from Little's follow-up book, "Around the Coronation Street Houses".