Episode 8418

The Nazir family (from left to right: Kal, Yasmeen Ayla and Sharif).

The Nazir family is a Muslim family of Pakistani descent. The family had lived in the United Kingdom for an unknown amount of time.

Family tree

Sharif Nazir
Yasmeen Nazir
Habeeb family
Kal Nazir
Jamila Nazir
Rana Habeeb
Zeedan Nazir
Alya Nazir

Family history

The first member to arrive in Weatherfield was Fitness Instructor and former soldier, Kal, in December 2013, who came to help Dev Alahan get into shape. His father Sharif arrived in February the following year and along with Dev, set up gym V Court Fitness in Victoria Street. Alya arrived in June closely followed by grandmother, Yasmeen. The final member of the family, Zeedan appeared in September.

Disaster struck the family in May 2015 when Kal perished in a fire caused by Tracy Barlow at Victoria Court while trying to save his fianceé Leanne Tilsley and Amy Barlow. The family would spend the following month grieving his death, but Yasmeen was especially hit.

In August 2016, when Sharif and Yasmeen were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary at 6 Coronation Street, their friend Sonia Rahman suddenly turned up having been kicked out of her marital home by husband Tariq. Sharif felt uneasy and things weren't helped when an oblivious Yasmeen allowed Sonia to stay until things were sorted. Despite the awkwardness, the pair slept together when Yasmeen was out running an errand for Cathy Matthews. Alya began to suspect that Sonia was up to no good, due to her flirtatious looks towards Sharif. Alya took Sharif to task over it and he ended up confessing, but lied that they had only had a one-off encounter, several years prior. Alya blackmailed Sharif for £14,000 so she could pay for a machine for Underworld.

The affair was eventually exposed when Yasmeen overheard Sharif and Sonia arguing over their relationship. During the engagement party of Zeedan and Rana Habeeb, Yasmeen was unable to cope any longer and publicly exposed Sharif as a cheat. When the pair of them were alone, Sharif told her the truth. When Alya and Zeedan returned home, it then came out that she had known about the affair and was blackmailing her grandfather. An upset Yasmeen then ordered both Sharif and Alya to pack their bags and leave the house. The following morning Sharif left a note to Yasmeen to say that he had left for good.

Zeedan left Coronation Street after finding out that Rana was cheating on him with another woman, Kate Connor.

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