Naomi Collins was a nurse at Weatherfield General who briefly dated Peter Barlow in September 2009.

After drinking with a colleague in the Rovers, Peter bought Naomi a drink and managed to persuade her to agree to a date and the pair spent the night together at his flat. Peter's son Simon had spent the night with grandparents Ken and Deirdre, and was shocked to find Peter and Naomi in a state of semi-undress when Ken brought Simon back home the following morning.

Having arranged for Naomi to come back to the flat for a meal that evening, Blanche Hunt offered to babysit for Simon, but Peter insisted that Simon should be with them. However, Naomi was soon irritated as he insisted on them all playing "Snakes and Ladders" and wasn't content with watching a DVD. When Naomi went to the bathroom, Simon told his dad that he felt as though he was in the way but despite reassurance from Peter, he went to bed without eating.

Pleased that they were alone at last, Naomi's mood changed as Peter told her that he couldn't have a future was someone who didn't get along with Simon. Naomi gathered her belongings and left the flat.

Credited as "Naomi", her surname was given in dialogue on Episode 7156.

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