Nancy Gaskill was the sole member on the "Overseas Travel Committee" of the One o'clock Club - a club frequented by Blanche Hunt. After Blanche had persuaded Deirdre to accompany her on the club's trip to Lourdes, the pair met up with Nancy in Roy's Rolls. Deirdre soon found out that she wasn't going on the trip for pleasure, but in the role of a carer-volunteer, looking after the needs of the elderly club members. After explaining what was expected of her and calling her "Daphne", Nancy told an already squirming Deirdre that it was probably the 'last chance saloon' for some of the members.

A few days after their meeting, Blanche announced that she had been barred from going on the trip as she'd questioned the seating plan on the coach (having being allocated the seat right next to the toilet) and she likened Nancy to the Devil. More determined than ever to get out of the trip herself, Deirdre phoned up to cancel her own place but was told in no uncertain terms that it was too short-notice to back out. Blanche infuriated Deirdre further by insinuating that Nancy was a lesbian and would probably want to share Deirdre's bed.

Credited simply as "Nancy", her surname was given in dialogue.
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