Mrs Thompson was a woman from Social Services who visited Deirdre Barlow at 1 Coronation Street to discuss Deirdre's recent kidnap ordeal at the hands of mentally unhinged Brian Roscoe. Roscoe and his family's problems had been known to Social Services for some time, but having received no help, Roscoe had turned to Deirdre in her capacity as Councillor to get his family re-housed; living at the derelict Turner House was putting strain on his marriage which ultimately caused his wife Angie to leave him, taking their two daughters with her. When Deirdre called at the flat, Roscoe refused to let her leave and she had to trick him into walking away from the door to make good her escape. In desperation, Roscoe went to his in-laws' house, where Angie was taking refuge, and assaulted his father-in-law.

Arriving at the Barlow household, Mrs Thompson initially seemed a pleasant woman who was sympathetic to Deirdre, but when Deirdre asked her to get to the point, Mrs Thompson dropped this front, revealing a stern woman who blamed Deirdre for the whole mess. Describing Deirdre as an interfering amateur trying to make a name for herself on the council, Mrs Thompson informed her of Roscoe's movements since Deirdre last saw him and accused her of pushing an unbalanced man over the edge. Deirdre, meanwhile, was critical of Social Services's handling of the situation before she had got involved, and told Mrs Thompson that she would never convince her. The two then went over Mrs Thompson's case notes together, with Deirdre describing her interactions with Roscoe, starting with their first meeting.

Once Mrs Thompson had left, Deirdre remarked to Ken that the woman had been "tact itself", but that Deirdre had been well and truly put in her place.

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