Mrs Ramsden was the mother of builder Eddie Ramsden and grandmother of Jamie.

Mrs Ramsden had partial responsibility for baby Jamie as Eddie's partner Marie Lancaster had abandoned him and cut ties with Eddie after giving birth due to her postnatal depression. Eddie and Jamie lived with Mrs Ramsden and she looked after Jamie while Eddie worked on the building sites. A widow since 1984, Mrs Ramsden had at least two children.

In November 1989, Eddie had landed a date with Rovers barmaid Tina Fowler but stood her up on account of Jamie. Afraid the young woman would lose interest in him if she knew he had a son, Eddie told her that his mum had been ill. Tina believed this when Eddie's friend Les Smith appeared to corroborate it, but when she visited him at home and caught a fighting fit Mrs Ramsden on her way out to see auntie Edna in hospital, Eddie invented another cover story: he introduced her to Jamie, his kid brother. Tina accepted this, but his lie was exposed a few days later when Tina called at 1 Cromwell Street to find Mrs Ramsden there alone. The pair made small talk and when it became clear to Mrs Ramsden that Tina was under a misapprehension about Jamie, she put the girl straight.

Three months later, Mrs Ramsden was present when Marie's brother Carl Lancaster turned up at the house to tell Eddie that Marie wanted to see Jamie. Afraid that Marie or her family would attempt to snatch Jamie, with Tina's help Eddie installed him in the Rovers Return. A week later, Marie appeared at the house to demand her son back. After Eddie failed to get rid of her, Mrs Ramsden had her say, fiercely reminding her that she and Eddie had provided Jamie with a home since he was born. In response, Marie brought up the fact that Mrs Ramsden had been poorly lately, a point the woman did not refute. A few days later, Eddie dumped Tina and reconciled with Marie, accepting that her rejection of Jamie had been due to mental illness.

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