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Mrs McEvoy was a teacher at Weatherfield High and the subject of a prank by Summer Spellman.

Summer's friend Amy Barlow dared her to use shaving foam to draw something rude on Mrs McEvoy's car. Mrs McEvoy spotted Summer drawing on her car and told her to come to her office. Mrs McEvoy also called Summer's adoptive parents Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw into the school in order to discuss the incident.

Mrs McEvoy admitted that she was aware that Summer was going through a traumatic time and told Billy and Todd that she may benefit from seeing the school counsellor. Summer told Mrs McEvoy that she didn't need the treatment and that she was only messing about.

Todd later admitted that he had implied to her that it was okay to bend the rules if she didn't get caught. Mrs McEvoy reprimanded the couple for their parenting and Billy apologised to her for the drawing, insisting that it wouldn't happen again.