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Mrs Lowe was a schoolteacher at Weatherfield High who spoke to Sarah Platt, accompanied by David Platt, at a parents' evening for Bethany Platt one evening in February 2016.

Bethany herself failed to turn up for the meeting and Mrs Lowe said it was symptomatic of her behaviour, following the recent death of her great-grandmother Audrey Roberts, whose demise came as a surprise to Sarah and David. Mrs Lowe added to their shock by saying the girl had handed in notes excusing herself from school to attend grief-counselling sessions and a number of letters, texts and emails had been sent to Sarah but never answered. Sarah broke down, thinking that Mrs Lowe must think she was a useless mother, a comment that was not helped by sarcastic comments from David. Mrs Lowe asked if there had been any other events at home which may have upset Bethany, something both Sarah and David denied, notably failing to mention the upheaval caused by gangster Callum Logan coming into their lives and his subsequent murder. Mrs Lowe pointed out that Bethany was a bright girl and needed to knuckle down to her upcoming GCSE's and Sarah determined to get to the bottom of the matter, not realising that the cause was the constant bullying that Bethany was undergoing from Lauren, another girl at the school, and her gang.

In February 2018, Mrs Lowe, Summer Spellman's history teacher, invited Geraldine Spellman to discuss Summer's progress after she had fallen behind due to caring for Billy Mayhew.

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