Mrs. Webb was the landlady of the disturbed Joan Akers, the young woman who kidnapped Christopher Hewitt in October 1962 after her own baby had died at three weeks of age. Mrs. Webb rented a room in her house at 46 Percy Street out to Joan but thought it was strange that she didn't take her baby out much, unaware of the crime she had committed. She was also suspicious that the baby didn't look much like her mother. Nevertheless, she was happy to babysit for Joan when she went out on her errands, being a dab hand at motherhood with her own daughter April and her grandson Michael. She even supplied Joan with a tin of soup for her lunch.

Joan, feeling more and more guilty at what she had done, contacted Elsie Tanner for help as she had gone to school with Linda Cheveski. Elsie came round to the flat where she instantly recognised the baby and persuaded her to take him back to Harry and Concepta Hewitt. Moments later, Mrs Webb received a visit from Det Sergeant Sowman who had been tipped off by the staff at Gamma Garments that the missing child might be with Joan and where she was lodging. Mrs Webb was amazed that the baby was the one that was the talk of the neighbourhood and supplied Sowman with all the details as to how long Joan had been her lodger.

The character was credited as "Landlady" but named in dialogue. She was played by Jean Alexander, who would join the cast of the programme permanently nearly two years later to play the iconic role of Hilda Ogden.
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