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Mrs. Bolton was the first employee hired by Jim Sedgewick to work in his newly-bought cafe and proved to be a disastrous choice: slow, miserable, endlessly complaining and unwilling to work more than her contracted hours. She and Gail Tilsley clashed from the start and the problems became even worse when Emily Bishop walked out. After a couple of weeks, Gail lost her temper when Mrs. Bolton got an order of double sausages wrong and when Jim himself lost his temper with her, she handed her notice in on the spot and went home to her husband, Norman. Luckily, Elsie Tanner, in desperate need of a job, was in the cafe and accepted Jim’s job offer instantly.

Mrs. Bolton first appeared in an uncredited non-speaking role when Joe Dawson opened his cafe in 1978. It was not until 1980 that the character was given dialogue. She later rejoined the staff under Alma Sedgewick but left again in August 1984 (as remarked by Gail Tilsley to Doreen Braithwaite). Her position was filled by Phyllis Pearce.

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