Mr Westmore was the solicitor supporting Fiz Stape's case in 2011. Fiz had been arrested for fraud and for her alleged part in husband John's multiple crimes, including the murders of Colin and Joy Fishwick and Charlotte Hoyle. Westmore appeared at Fiz's bail hearing at Weatherfield Magistrates Court and told the Judge that she had no previous convictions and was not a flight risk, and therefore she should be granted bail, but it was not granted nevertheless.

Fiz remained in custody until her trial at Weatherfield Crown Court in October 2011, at where Westmore was present supporting her. Shortly after she was found not guilty of the murders of Joy and Charlotte but guilty of Colin's murder, Westmore saw her in prison and told her that John had returned to try and clear her name, but had kidnapped Rosie and ended up in Weatherfield General after a car crash.

At Fiz's sentencing, the Judge sentenced her to life imprisonment with a minimum of fifteen years, despite her latest change in circumstance. Westmore reassured her that they would make an appeal.

In his first four appearances, the character was credited as "Fiz's Solicitor". His later appearances received the credit of Mr Westmore.

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