Mr Powell was a friendly, enthusiastic man who was a returning guest for over twenty years at the Cresta Hotel on the Isle of Man. In 1961, he and his wife came back and were put into room 16, both staying at the hotel at the same time as newlyweds Harry and Concepta Hewitt.

He bored the couple their first night after dinner with his talk of the marine biology of the island, where seals would be spotted, and the operation of gas turbines, delaying Harry getting to bed. The next morning, he joined the reluctant couple on the terrace, oblivious to the fact that they wanted to be alone and presupposing they were out in the fresh air because they were bored. When he heard they were going on a day trip to Douglas, he insisted on giving them tips on where to go but they hastily made their escape from him. Before they went, he dropped a hint to them to avoid a nearby young couple who were to him obvious honeymooners, saying he could smell their type a mile off, much to amusement of the Hewitts! Later on that day, he for once left the two of them alone while they enjoyed a few minutes on the moonlit terrace.

Mr Powell was played by Stratford Johns, three months before he became a household name as Detective Inspector Charlie Barlow in "Z Cars".
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