Mr Phillips was a surgeon who operated on Peter Barlow and Sophie Webster.

He was specially called in to operate on Peter Barlow when The Joinery bar was rocked by an explosion trapping him inside. Nick Tilsley and Ashley Peacock managed to get him out but Ashley died in the attempt. Peter was taken to Weatherfield General where a Doctor told his family that he had internal bleeding in the membrane around his heart and that a specialist had been called for to undertake a risky and complex operation. Peter went into cardiac arrest but Mr Phillips had arrived by this point and managed to revive him for the operation. He warned the Barlows that although they were doing everything they could, the prognosis wasn’t good. Several hours later, Peter had survived the surgery but still faced some critical hours. The next day, Mr Phillips reported to wife Leanne that their hopes were increasing but they wouldn’t know more until he was taken off the ventilator.

Four days later, Mr Phillips told the now-conscious Peter that he had also suffered damage to his spine and that he would in effect have to learn to walk again. There was no reason why he shouldn’t recover but it would be a long and difficult process.

Mr Phillips treated Sophie Webster when she was rushed into hospital after being hit by a car, the accident having been caused by Ryan Connor's drunk and disorderly conduct. He spoke to Sophie's dad Kevin when he arrived at the hospital, telling him that Sophie was to have an MRI scan to find out how serious her injuries were. He explained that she may have suffered brain and/or spinal injuries. The results of the scan showed that Sophie had fractured her lower spine and Mr Phillips reported this to Kevin, saying that they may need to operate and not ruling out the possibility of Sophie being permanently paralysed. The operation was duly undertaken and was successful. After several months of physiotherapy he told her that her movement and reflexes were fine and that he had no need to see her three months after which, with luck, she would be discharged as an outpatient.

The character was credited as "Surgeon" in all his appearances. His name was revealed in dialogue in Episode 7982.

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