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Mr Pack was the prosecution barrister who presented the case for the crown at the trial of Josh Tucker at Weatherfield Crown Court on the charge of raping David Platt and one other man. Josh was a serial predator with a history of such attacks but only David and the other complainant were willing to tell their stories in court.

He took David sympathatically through the story of his initial friendship with Josh and the night of the rape in March 2018, allowing him to do so in his own words. However he had to intervene before the judge did when David stated as a fact that Josh had been intending to groom him all along. David had to relive the trauma of how he came to the realisation the following day that he had been sexually assaulted. He faltered at one point in giving his evidence and had to draw breath but the barrister gently told him to take his time. David's conclusion was an admission that he had become suicidal as a result of the attack but had been helped through with the support of Shona, then his girlfriend and now his wife.

Josh was found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.

Credited as "Prosecution Barrister", the character's name was given in dialogue in his second appearance.