Mr Lewis was a teacher at Weatherfield High and Year Head of year nine. Rosie Webster would be joining that year after the summer break but Sally, at the peak of her “pushy mother” stage, felt that he daughter deserved better. Robbed of her dreams of her eldest becoming a star of stage and screen, Sally was delighted to discover that Rosie excelled at maths and determined that only the best would be good enough for her little prodigy from now on. Determined that Rosie should go to the private Oakhill School, she nevertheless paid some attention to Kevin’s claims that Weatherfield High was good enough and booked an appointment to see what Mr Lewis could offer a “gifted child”.

Sally was not impressed that their conversation was interrupted by another teacher with a claim that he would be finished with speaking to Sally in just five minutes, that Rosie’s grades were only “quite good” and that he couldn’t guarantee that she would be placed in the top set for maths in the forthcoming year as that was up to the relevant teacher. Another interruption in the form of a call on his mobile from his wife was the final straw for Sally and she went into a rant that the school had nothing to offer Rosie and she would be withdrawn with immediate effect.

Duckworths 1983
"If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer"
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The character was played by Leigh Symonds on his 2004 appearance and Benedict Sandiford in 2005.

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