Mr Jackson was the manager at Billy Bargain's Supermart, a new enterprise that opened on Rosamund Street in October 1961.

The enterprise was a new one for the area where the residents were more used to the over-the-counter service that places such as Florrie Lindley's Corner Shop offered. Mr Jackson therefore had to direct some customers in the new ways of this type of shopping. Several residents of Coronation Street tried the new shop, causing Florrie much concern that her livelihood would end as she would be unable to compete with the cheaper prices.

Ena Sharples was one of those customers but when it came to be her turn to be served, she found fault with the tilling as it was too fast for her and argued with cashier Miss Brown over the labelled price of a tin of condensed milk. She summoned Mr Jackson who informed Ena that the 6 and 1⁄2d price on the shelf referred to an item above and not the milk. Having lost that point, Ena insisted on setting the speed of the tilling in order that she could keep an eye on the prices charged and questioned how a tin of "Pussy Fresh" cat food had found its way into her basket. The final showdown came when the total charge of 18/2 was quoted, with Ena saying her calculation was for 17/6. As Miss Brown insisted that the till couldn't be wrong, Ena called Mr Jackson over and upended her shopping bag emptying all the goods, saying they could put them back on the shelves themselves and stormed out.

Credited as "Assistant", the character's name was given in dialogue and his role stated as being the manager.
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