Mr Hope was the minister at the Mawdsley Street Chapel who conducted several services for residents of and people connected with Coronation Street.

The happiest was in April 1972 when Ernest Bishop married Emily Nugent though things became strained when Ernie was late for the service, having had a sudden attack of nerves after hearing the news that Emily had jilted Leonard Swindley back in July 1964. Ena Sharples played the chapel organ at the service but the instrument had some flat notes and she told him that she wouldn't be responsible for the tune that emerged. When Ernie eventually arrived, he apologised for being late and Mr Hope took the couple through their vows.

The next two occasions were sadder ones: the funeral of Cyril Turpin in March 1974 after his sudden death from a heart attack and, even more tragically, the funeral of Ernie himself in January 1978 at North Cross Cemetery following his murder in a wages' raid on Baldwin's Casuals.

The character was credited as "Minister" in his March 1974 appearance and "Rev Hope" in January 1978.

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