Monty Shawcross was a veteran of the First World War and an old comrade of Albert Tatlock's from the Lancashire Fusiliers. He turned up in the Corner Shop, having been turned out his Colebrook Street home after a compulsory purchase order was made for the hospital extension, and was now living with his sister in Inkerman Street. He complained to Alf Roberts in his role of councillor that they tried to move him to Birmingham but Alf put him straight that the driver of the bus who had taken them to show them their new homes was only taking a short cut via the motorway and that his old house and new house were only five miles apart. Monty went from the shop to the Rovers to where he astonished the regulars when he mentioned Albert’s great sense of humour. Albert, alerted by Alf that Monty was in the pub, went there and enjoyed a few pints and some pies with Ken’s company while they bickered over their action on the Somme in 1916 on subjects such as who was responsible for the medals earned by members of the battalion. Monty told Albert that he was going with a party from the Weatherfield British Legion to London for Remembrance Sunday, causing Albert to feel jealous.

Ken tried to persuade Albert to go with Monty but he proved intransigent but he did volunteer to help the unfit Monty to get in shape for the march-past at the Cenotaph by taking long walks. Monty also attempted to get Albert to join them in London, telling him what great occasion it would be and that it would be for old comrades, but without success.

The last time that Albert saw Monty was in the week before the trip to London when they supped in the Snug and two boys collected for bonfire night. On the day after the parade, Monty's daughter broke the news to Ken that her father had died just before making the trip. He suffered a heart attack at home while putting on his tie. A saddened Albert decided to go to London himself and lay a wreath in Monty's memory but in the end couldn't raise the funds and had to resort to doing the same at Manchester's Cenotaph.

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