Monica was the pet Greyhound of Tyrone Dobbs, which he adopted in 1999 after finding her as a stray. Naming her after Monica Gellar from Friends (or, as Tyrone put it, "the skinny one"), Tyrone quickly bonded with her and Vera reluctantly allowed the dog to stay with them at the Park Road B&B on the condition she slept in the shed. However, when Monica then howled through the night (as she didn't like being alone), Vera ordered Tyrone to get rid. However Tyrone started sleeping in the shed to keep Monica quiet, preferring that to losing his new friend. However it turned out that Monica had been microchipped and Tyrone and Jack reluctantly attempted to return Monica to her owner... only to find that her owner had just left his wife, and said wife was more than happy to get rid of the dog and gave Tyrone all of Monica's official papers. Vera then allowed Tyrone to keep Monica, much to his happiness.

Duckworths 1983
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Monica disappeared from the show without any explanation in 2008. According to ITV, Monica was most likely dead as she hasn't been seen on-screen for so long, and Monica's death was confirmed on screen by Tyrone in Episode 7736 during 2011 at the time of Schmeichel's death.

Monica was mostly credited for her appearances from 1999 to 2002 (see below for the list).

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