Mona Beattie was the project manager of the Legacy Reach Paper Mill development.

In February 2018, Mona visited Roy's Rolls in order to speak to the job's builders Pat Phelan and Gary Windass. She informed the pair that the site's developer Bob Roe had been wondering where they'd been. Phelan told Mona that he had been busy with an errand, causing her to mock him by saying he looked run off his feet in the cafe.

Mona told Phelan that Bob had decided to change plans for the site, meaning that an additional ten flats would be built. Despite Gary's protests that they were already struggling with the job, Phelan informed him that the job would double in price.

Bob was surprised at Phelan's subdued nature at the building site and his comments about how any more flats could be built. Mona attempted to reassure Phelan by assuring him they had the permission to build another ten flats on the side of the millpond but that the water would need to be drained. This unnerved Phelan as he had disposed of Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford's bodies at the Mill and draining the water would mean his crimes would be exposed.

Mona later summoned Phelan to the Mill alone in order to have a conversation about his attitude at work. She told him that she wondered if he was the right man for the job and that the water needed draining immediately to start construction. Phelan assured her that draining the water would be a lengthy process due to environmental fears and despite previous checks, there was no certainty that there wasn't anything living there. Mona told Phelan he had six weeks to sort it out or else she would find someone else to build the flats.

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