Moira Wood (née Kelly) was the wife of Harry Wood and mother of Greg Kelly.

In 1971, Moira engaged in a holiday romance with Les Battersby - who was working on a travelling fairground on the Isle of Wight. When the fair moved on the following week, Les never made any attempt to remain in contact and so when Moira discovered that she was pregnant she decided not to inform Les. Soon after Moira met and married Harry Wood, who raised Greg as his own son. When Greg was seven Moira revealed the truth about his parentage, believing that he had a right to know, but it wasn't until Harry's death in September 1997 that Greg decided to track down his real father.

In April 1998, Greg finally tracked Les down - however, his father didn't want to believe the truth. It wasn't until Greg showed him a picture of Moira, and Les discovered that she was wealthy and owned her own villa in Majorca, that Les became interested. Les began to fantasise about Moira, comparing her to his own wife Janice, and began pressuring Greg to help him make contact with her. Although, Greg was positive that his mother wouldn't be interested and refused - leading Les to search through his son's organiser to find Moira's number and address.

Les finally contacted Moira during the following month and was thrilled when she invited him round to her house - believing that she would be keen to reignite their passion. However, despite Les borrowing a Jaguar from his friend Charlie West in order to impress her - Moira saw through Les's deceptions when she discovered that the flowers he presented her had been stolen from a cemetery. Revealing that she had always seen him as a loser and had never even attempted to contact him after realising that she was pregnant, Moira threw Les out. On his way back to Weatherfield, Les almost hit an unmarked police car and a subsequent breathalyser test proved positive, which led to him losing his licence. When Greg discovered that Les had been to see Moira he was annoyed but agreed to cover for him. However, later when Les insulted Maxine Heavey by telling her that Greg could do better than her, she revealed the whole truth to Janice. Humiliated that Les had been looking for an affair with Moira, an enraged Janice threw him out of No.5.

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