Miss Pemberton was a middle-aged spinster who worked as an assistant at Swindley's Draperies until July 1961. She had carried a torch for Leonard Swindley since 1924, but had kept her feelings a secret and contented herself with her yearly gifts from him of handkerchiefs for Christmas and artificial flowers for her birthday.

Miss Pemberton's nose was put out of joint when Swindley let Emily Nugent move into his shop as the lease on premises selling baby linen had expired. She initially resigned as she felt her nose would be put out of joint with her employer's new partnership but also said she was set in her ways and couldn't cope with change, reminding Swindley how badly she had adjusted to clothing coupons in the Second World War.

She looked on with disapproval as Emily moved her own stock into the shop but did timidly step forward to offer her help with the items. Almost in tears, she refused to move more items out of the way to enable Emily to lodge her stock and when ordered to do so, put on her hat and coat to leave. She stunned Swindley and Emily as she explained her love, telling Emily she didn't have a chance with him before leaving the shop for the final time.

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