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Miss Beckett was a teacher at Weatherfield High who spoke to Summer Spellman about her academic performance and her home life.

Miss Beckett handed out her class's Science papers with withering remarks about their poor quality, mocking Amy Barlow's answer about the depletion of the Ozone layer helping people tan quicker. She then handed Summer her exam and commented that her score was her lowest this year and that it was very poor.

Miss Beckett asked Summer if she could stay behind after the class finished in order to discuss the exam and noted that Summer had missed a considerable amount of school time, causing a significant decrease in her results in all of her subjects. She then arranged for Summer to have extra tuition and reassured her that if she put in the hours after school, she would be able to catch up on the work she had missed.

Miss Beckett enquired into Summer's home life and asked if problems such as Todd Grimshaw's arrest may be affecting her results. Summer assured her that her other guardian Billy Mayhew was doing a good job and that if there were any problems, she would tell somebody.