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Minnie Chandra was a college friend of Amber Kalirai and became an employee at Jerry's Takeaway on Victoria Street shortly after Amber's father Dev Alahan bought the business from Jerry Morton. Minnie was reunited with Amber in November 2008.

In December, Minnie met Tyrone Dobbs whilst he was fixing her car at Websters' Auto Centre. They began to flirt and Tyrone sold her knock-off perfume. Molly Compton, Tyrone's girlfriend, looked on as Tyrone and Minnie went for a test drive, leading her to suspect Tyrone fancied her.

At the beginning of 2009, Amber also began to work in the takeaway (now renamed Prima Doner), as well as holding down her job at the Corner Shop, so she could use the wages Dev would be paying her for driving lessons. Dev brought her to the store, where her job had been taken over by Minnie. Knowing Amber's plan had been foiled, Dev swapped their jobs again, sending Minnie to work at the kebab shop.

In June, Minnie became friends with Rosie Webster after she almost ran her down, and called her a "trollop". Minnie would be the first person to know about Rosie's £150,000 windfall that she received from John Stape. The pair then went on a major shopping spree and celebrated later in the Rovers with champagne.

In October, Tyrone gave Minnie another driving lesson, which caused his wife Molly to tear into the pair of them in the street and accused Minnie of being a "slapper", much to her anger and Tyrone's bemusement.

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