The milkman delivered to the Coronation Street area during the mid to late-1970s.

The tall, bearded, balding man solved the mystery of Bet Lynch's disappearance while on holiday in Majorca in October 1974 when, on a visit to the Rovers after doing his rounds, he told the regulars that the barmaid had been back in her flat for two days.

Two years later, he had an argument with Hilda Ogden outside No.13 over a matter of missing milk money. Hilda claimed she'd left it under an empty bottle on her front step for him and that it must have been stolen but the milkman retorted that if he had a pound for every time he'd heard that story he'd be chasing Shirley Bassey round the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Hilda was not amused.

In January 1977, the milkman was doing his rounds in the Street when Ray Langton started a conversation with him about his impending fatherhood. When Ray told him it was a very special day, the milkman jokingly asked if he'd shot his mother-in-law.

The recurring milkman was unnamed.

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