Miley Windass was the daughter of Faye Windass and Jackson Hodge. Faye discovered she was pregnant with Miley, seven months after sleeping with Jackson at a party in mid-2014 and horrified at the thought of having a child, decided to try and keep the pregnancy a secret with the help of reluctant friend Craig Tinker.

After the pair got hold of keys to the corner shop flat in which Faye planned to give birth, she suddenly went into labour but the ordeal scared the teenager and she ordered Craig to fetch an oblivious Anna Windass for support. While Craig was away, shop assistant Sophie Webster went upstairs after hearing noises coming from the flat and upon discovering Faye, she immediately called for an ambulance. Faye was admitted to Weatherfield General where she gave birth to Miley and with no complications, mother and baby were discharged the following day.

Faye failed to adapt to motherhood and bond with her daughter. At Miley's christening service held during June, things got too much for Faye and she ran out of the church. After her father Tim cancelled the christening, Jackson's parents Greig and Josie Hodge suggested that they looked after Miley. Tim disagreed with the idea initially, but he later invited them to No.4 to talk and said that he would talk things through with Anna and Faye. Anna rejected the idea of Miley going to live with the Hodges, but she accompanied Tim on a visit to their house. Josie and Greig offered Anna and Tim a cheque for Miley's expenses for the past few months but Anna wasn't happy with what they were implying. However, Anna realised that the Hodges were in a position to offer Miley a better future and the Windasses said goodbye to Miley when Josie came to collect her later that month.

The Hodges allowed Anna and Tim to have Miley for the day on two known occasions during the summer. In September however they went to Canada - citing that they were going on holiday. After Anna's messages on Josie's phone went unanswered, Tim visited their house and discovered the property was empty and up for let. A few days later, Anna received a phone call from Josie confirming they were remaining in Canada with Miley.

In March 2017, Faye was shocked to see Jackson with Miley at Weatherfield General.

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