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Miles Ingham was Ray Crosby's lawyer and the keeper of his secrets, having drafted several "gagging" settlement agreements and payments to the sexually-assaulted victims of his client.

He was first introduced to Michelle Connor in the Viaduct Bistro when he called in there, saying he had a business meeting but wouldn't be eating as he would probably contract food poisoning. Before Michelle could fully react, Ray followed him in and informed Michelle that he was his lawyer, he having employed his services seven years previously when he found himself opposed by Miles and been figuratively ripped to shreds by him. Looking for his own attack dog, Ray realised he could no better than the unscrupulous lawyer and employed him to look after his own affairs with the aim of ensuring that Ray never had to enter a courtroom. A couple of months before, a business arrangement between Ray and Michelle had turned sour when he had propositioned her in a bedroom of his Chariot Square Hotel. Michelle reneged on their business deal and was pressured to sign one of his gagging orders. He turned his attentions to Alya Nazir who received a warning from Michelle to be careful of the hotelier. As a result, the call into the bistro was to deliver a summons for defamation and breach of contract, which he later dropped, not wanting to attract adverse publicity.

Two months later, Bethany Platt had found out about Ray's true predatory nature towards women and was determined to expose him. Leanne Battersby commented that Miles was of a similar nature and Bethany realised that he could be the source of the information she required. After Paula Martin supplied the address of his office, Bethany and Daniel Osbourne paid a visit with a pre-arranged plan: Daniel would make a 4.00pm appointment under the name of Matt Benison about an accidental injury claim while Bethany would go there separately and cause a scene in reception to divert Miles. Once within the lawyer's office, Daniel span out his pre-prepared yarn while Bethany's protesting voice started to carry though from reception until it reached such a crescendo that Miles could no longer ignore her and went to see what the problem was. Left alone, Daniel plugged a memory stick into his laptop and started to search out and download Ray's files.

Things turned bad when Ray walked into reception on his normal business. He instantly recognised Bethany and quickly realised something was afoot. Telling Miles he was an "absolute muppet" for being taken in, the two dashed into Miles's office but found it empty. Miles gave Ray a description of Daniel, but he overly wasn't concerned, thinking that the two hadn't managed to find any proof.

In fact, Daniel had managed to obtain a copy of the files but the results were inconclusive. Some ex-employee's names had an asterisk next to them, but when contacted they refused to supply any information to help expose Ray.

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