Miklos Zadic oversaw the demolition of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall and Elliston's Raincoat Factory in January and February 1968. Miklos and Jimmy Gibson were in charge of the project. The demolitions went as planned although there was a moment of panic when twins Peter and Susan Barlow wandered into the site minutes before the factory was to be bulldozed. Miklos halted the work and helped Ken Barlow carry them out to safety.

Originally from Hungary, Miklos propped up the bar at the Rovers while working in the Street and caused something of a stir among the womenfolk, particularly Lucille Hewitt. However it was Emily Nugent who Miklos had the closest association with, after being set up by Valerie and Irma Barlow. Miklos was passionate with Emily - perhaps too much for the conservative spinster, who favoured marriage over a casual relationship. After unsuccessfully trying to get Emily into bed, Miklos decided to respect Emily's stance on sex before marriage and distance himself from her. As he'd finished his work in the Street, Miklos got a transfer to Newcastle but planned a holiday to Scotland first. He asked Emily to go with him - and Emily accepted, even though she knew they'd have sex. Emily returned to the Street, no longer a virgin but with no regrets.

While in the Street, Miklos fell under suspicion of stealing Albert Tatlock's prized coin collection. Albert had shown Miklos the collection only for No.1 to be ransacked and the collection stolen shortly thereafter. Miklos refused to let Albert publicly slander him but refused to give an alibi (he was visiting a friend in hospital at the time of the theft). A worker from the building site was later caught by police trying to sell the coins.

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