Mike Scott was a patient at Weatherfield General who Janice Battersby met while she was doing community service at the cafe. As the pair chatted outside on her cigarette break, he told her he had been admitted for a chest infection, downgraded from pneumonia. She told him about her community service, and they laughed over their shared misfortune. Janice then went back to work, but that night in the Rovers, her friends told her that she'd been beaming the whole time she'd been out with them, which suggested that she still had Mike on her mind.

The pair met up again outside but while they were chatting, Mike keeled over and collapsed. When Janice tried to get help, Mike asked her to stay with him. Janice screamed for help, with other people in the car park alerting doctors at the hospital. Some time after he was taken inside, a nurse told Janice that Mike had died. The doctors said that he had a clot on his lung. Janice learned Mike had been in a worse condition than he'd let on to her, and had received major surgery just days before his death. Janice later learned that he had a wife when she received flowers and a card, and Emily Bishop told her how grateful his wife had been that someone was with him after his collapse. Mike's death shook Janice deeply and it prompted her to consider training to become a nurse.

For the programme director of the same name see Michael Scott.
Anthony Bessick reprised the role of the character on the comedy show "Harry Hill's TV Burp" which poked fun at the character's death scene.
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