Mike Nikopolos was the owner of a delicatessen on Percy Street in Weatherfield. In March 1976 Hilda Ogden won a trolley dash in his shop in which she and one other person could keep as many goods as they could collect in two minutes. Although she and Stan Ogden didn't actually know what a delicatessen was, they had several practice runs in the Corner Shop with a baby's pram. This unfortunately added strain to Stan's famously bad back and on this occasion it really did go before the dash was due to take place. In addition, Mike wouldn't allow Hilda into his shop to complete a recce of the shelves and layout.

Help came in two ways from an unexpected source as Deirdre Langton turned up with a plan of the store from Fairclough and Langton dating from a recent tender they had put in for possible changes and she also offered to take Stan's place.

Come the day and the two women "trolley-dashed" round to cheers from watching shoppers as Mike counted down the time, though he wouldn't allow bottles of wine to be included in the competition win. Hilda put too many frozen items into her trolley for her meagre capacity at home but in the end they collected £107.32 worth of goods which Mike brought round to 13 Coronation Street, Deirdre having forgone a part of the winnings. Stan wasn't impressed with some of the items, such as dolmades, and hurt Mike's feelings that they didn't like his food. Hilda pointed out that they didn't come from where he did, which he informed them was Famagusta in Cyprus, and agreed to give them money instead. Mike offered £60 to match his wholesale costs but Hilda pushed him to £75 plus caviar as she’d never tasted it, with that amount matching the cost of a new television, claiming she was missing University Challenge, and Stan having destroyed their old one the month before.

The character was also credited in Episode 1580 (8th March 1976) but did not appear.
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