The Midwife assisted three of the residents of Coronation Street through their pregnancies.

Her first patient in July 2006 was Claire Peacock who was in the final month of her pregnancy before the birth of her and Ashley's son, Freddie. Claire was concerned that the baby hadn't moved for twenty-four hours but was assured after a scan that all was fine. Two weeks later, Claire thought she was going into labour but was told by the Midwife that it was a false alarm. Just one day later though, the baby did put in his first appearance and was born at home, with Claire being assisted by Matt Ramsden who was visiting as part of his on-going dispute with Ashley over visiting rights to Joshua Peacock, his natural son with Ashley's first wife, Maxine. Claire was taken to Weatherfield General immediately afterwards by ambulance where the Midwife was one of her carers.

In April 2008 events took a tragic turn with the Midwife's second patient, Maria Connor, when she also felt that something was wrong when the baby when she noticed it was no longer moving. This time the scan showed that the baby was indeed dead and had to be delivered the next day. At the time, Maria's relationship with husband Liam was breaking down due to his attraction to sister-in-law Carla Connor and it was only when the Midwife visited him at home, expecting to see Maria, that he found out that his son, Paul, was no more.

Further tragedy followed when Liam was killed by Tony Gordon in October 2008, at the same time that Maria found out that she was pregnant again. Convinced of Tony's involvement in her husband's death, at one point she attempted to mow him down in her car but swerved slightly at the last minute. She injured herself in the attempt and was taken to hospital where the Midwife confirmed that all was well with the unborn baby. Liam Connor was safely delivered in July 2009.

In May 2013 the midwife was on duty when surrogate mother Tina McIntyre went into labour two months' prematurely. Although the baby boy was delivered safely, he was rushed to special care due to breathing difficulties.

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