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1991: Guests wave newlyweds Mike and Jackie Baldwin off on their honeymoon

The Midland Hotel is a four-star hotel located in Peter Street, Manchester. Over the years, it has served the needs of some of Weatherfield's more prosperous visitors and residents.

In August 1972, Nellie Harvey picked up Ethne Willoughby, National President of the Licensed Victuallers Association, from the Midland to take her to meet Annie Walker at the Rovers Return, when she arrived in the city from Buckinghamshire. Two years later, Norma Ford stayed at the Midland along with her sugar daddy Sidney Wilson while in town for Maggie Clegg and Ron Cooke's wedding.

Entrepreneur Robert Prescott was a guest at the Midland in November 1989 while visiting his sister Dawn. Dawn and her partner Mike Baldwin had dinner with Robert in the Midland's restaurant. Mike returned to the venue in July 1991 when its function room hosted his and Jackie Ingram's wedding reception. The event ran smoothly despite a last-minute panic that room booked was too small for the number of guests attending.

In February 1996, Kbec representatives Stephen Reid and Carrie Meyer based themselves at the Midland when they arrived from Canada with the aim of scouting out local manufacturing firms. The pair held a presentation in the hotel's conference room, at which the catering was provided by Alma Baldwin who had previously been interviewed by Carrie in the hotel's room 255, where Stephen was staying. Alma subsequently made a clumsy pass at Stephen when he let her use his room to shower.

Danny Baldwin made use of a hotel bedroom at the Midland on a handful of occasions during 2005, while entertaining Leanne Battersby - who was dating his son Jamie at the same time. On their second rendezvous, Danny's wife Frankie became suspicious of Leanne's motives for having her hair done earlier in the day and making out she was going out with Jamie that evening, when Frankie knew that Jamie was away overnight on a delivery to Holland. She followed Leanne's taxi to the establishment and in the hotel foyer, Frankie set off the fire alarm in order to flush everyone out of their rooms and find out who Leanne was meeting, but her plan backfired when Leanne emerged downstairs alone and stated that she'd attended an interview for a cocktail waitress at a new club that was opening up on Deansgate, and it was Frankie who had to come up with a plausible excuse as to why she was at the hotel.

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The Midland also appeared on-screen to represent The Victoria in episodes 8839 and 8840 in February 2016.