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Michelle Robinson was an attractive well-to-do friend of Andrea Clayton's who Andrea used as a cover to see Terry Duckworth in May 1985. Andrea brought Michelle along to a double date with Terry and Kevin Webster, planning to go off with Terry and leave Michelle with Kevin. Kevin was expecting a minger and had his head in his hands as Michelle walked up, but once they were alone together he turned on the charm.

Michelle worked at a chemist and came from a well-connected, church-going family. When she met Kevin, she was going out with her tennis buddy Malcolm Nuttall but as it wasn't serious she decided to dump him for Kevin. Michelle tried to let Malcolm down gently but when he didn't take the hint, Kevin stepped in and got him to back down.

On their first date, Michelle took Kevin out in her mother's car and they got lost in a country lane. They had a good time, enjoying each other's company. Things seemed to be going well as Hilda Ogden liked Michelle and Michelle's parents liked Kevin, but after some advice from Curly Watts, Kevin started putting pressure on Michelle to have sex but Michelle was put off by him coming on heavy and they had an argument. They made up but Kevin kept dropping hints that he was making long-terms plans with Michelle. When he started talking about getting married Michelle decided he was too serious about her and finished with him. They agreed to be friends but for his sake Kevin tried to avoid Michelle thereafter.

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