Michael Regan was a short-term love interest for Concepta Riley in the spring of 1961 when her romance with Harry Hewitt had temporarily cooled. Although secretly still holding a candle for Harry, Concepta enjoyed making him jealous by going out with Michael and telling Harry afterwards what a perfect gentleman the Irishman had been. A week later, Harry stepped in to defend Concepta when he thought that Michael was threatening her in the Rovers but he had misread the situation and only ended up embarrassing himself. Concepta understood, knowing the problems that Harry was having with his sister Alice Burgess having moved in to housekeep for him and the conflicts it was causing with his daughter Lucille. She found Michael amusing, though she was firm in telling him that she was not "his girl". She soon dropped him soon after and took up again with Harry who then proposed to her.

Although supposedly in the Rovers Return Inn in a scene in Episode 29 (22nd March 1961), the character wasn't seen on screen until his one and only appearance two weeks later.
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