Mel Bailey was a taxi driver colleague of Don Brennan's who took his black Sierra to Casey's Garage following a recommendation from Don in 1990. Mel had been prevented from taking his wife to her sister's due to a problem with the car's suspension.

While carrying out repairs, Mark Casey found a gold necklace on the garage floor and claimed it for himself, unaware that it belonged to Mel's vehicle. In a bid to make Flick Khan more interested in him after their first date, Mark gave it to her as a present, to her shock and horror. When Mel returned to pick up the car, he looked for his wife's necklace inside and asked Kevin Webster and Mark if they'd found anything while working on it. Rather than admit his error, Mark denied all knowledge. Their word was accepted by Mel, who suggested that his wife had lost it somewhere else.

A short time later, Kevin learned the truth and forced Mark to buy it back from the charity shop where Flick had taken it for £35 and return it to its owner.

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