By 2003, Karen McDonald was regretting her marriage to Steve McDonald two years previously for not being the ceremony of her girlhood dreams, but a cheap and cheerful do at Weatherfield Register Office.

Karen formulated a typically mad plan for her and Steve to get divorced and remarry but this time in style. To this end, she decided that for verisimilitude, it should appear as if they had fallen out because of Steve's infidelities (two in number) and then they could reconcile afterwards. Both sides took to the deception with a little too much eagerness and it was Karen lost her nerve and tried to call the whole thing off. However, the court papers had already been processed and she was legally divorced. Devastated, her world was turned around when she discovered that Steve had already organised a proposal in a romantic setting with an expensive ring. Reinvigorated, she decided on an impromptu party in the Rovers for that night and ignored Steve's misgivings as to what their friends and work colleagues would say when they realised that they had been deceived. In the event, they weren't pleased and they boycotted the party. The only attendees were Norris Cole and Kirk Sutherland who, along with the McDonalds, were surprised to see that the DJ- Mc Dr Man ; didn't play the usual repertoire of party hits, but was a rap specialist and spent the evening making up the "party rhymes" to the events he saw unfolding before him. Thus:

"When the clock struck seven, Karen was in heaven. When the clock struck eight, she was thinkin' they're late. When the clock struck nine, then she started to pine. She thought, this is a sign that the people ain't mine so she reached for the wine to make the feeling fine, easy now..."

And later after Karen had thrown Norris out for lecturing her for her actions…

"Now for poor babe Karen, the night has turned barren. She is out of her groove because people disapprove. She is starting to moan, cos she is all alone. And so the evening ends, she ain't got no friends!"?

…at which point Karen grabbed the microphone from him and screamed at him to get out.

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