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The McDonald family on the day of their arrival.

The McDonald family are a family who have resided in Coronation Street, Weatherfield since 1989 when Jim and Liz McDonald moved into No.11 with their teenage twin sons Andy and Steve.

Current family members living on the street are Liz, Steve and Steve's three illegitimate children Amy Barlow, Oliver Battersby and Emma Brooker.

Family tree

James McDonald
Bernie McDonald
Edward McDonald
Maisie McDonald
Flo McDonald
John McDonald
Katherine McDonald
Barlow family
Connor family
Liz McDonald
Jim McDonald
Eileen McDonald
Vicky Arden
Fiona Middleton
Karen Phillips
Tracy Barlow
Steve McDonald
Becky Granger
Michelle Connor
Leanne Battersby
Andy McDonald
Katie McDonald
Emma Brooker
Amy Barlow
Ruairi McDonald
Oliver Battersby

Key Dates